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How much does it cost to run with a pacer?

  • The Race Director or production company has paid for this service for you. It is absolutely FREE to run with a pacer. 

What is the pacer’s job?

  • The pacers are each assigned to a goal time or a minute per mile pace. They will be keeping that pace throughout the race. 

How do I find my pacer?

  • The pacers will be lined up in goal time order in the corrals at least 15 minutes prior to the start. They will be carrying a sign with the goal time or minute/mile pace. 

How do I identify the pacers?

  • For most races the pacers will be wearing a neon or safety yellow shirt.For the Hot Chocolate Series the pacers will be wearing orange shirts. 

Where should I run near the pacer?

  • You can run beside or behind the pacer if you’d prefer – there are no hard and fast “rules”. Just remember to give the pacer some space to be able to move around. Be reminded that the pacers are just a moving target for you, try to keep them in sight. 

What if I need to use the restroom?

  • The best strategy you can use is to move ahead of the pace group when you see a restroom ahead. Get your business done and take your time catching back up to your group. It may take you a mile or two to catch back up, but this will leave you with more energy than sprinting to the group. 

What if I’m near the “back of the pack”?

  • For some races there will be pacer with a “SWEEPER” sign on the course. That pacer will start the race at the back of all of the runners/walkers and will keep to the pace for the course time limit.If your race does not have a course time limit the “SWEEPER” will stay with the last runner/walker.If your course has a time limit you fall behind the sweeper you may be picked up by a follow vehicle or asked to move to the sidewalk where the race can no longer guarantee course support – which is paramount for your safety. Aid stations, medical support, portable toilets and road closures may start to become unavailable to participants.